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Amazing Pay . Flexible Schedules . Sharing Wellness!


Learn How To Earn up to $55-$87 per hour plus gratuity!


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Spa Utopia (SU) - Luxury Travel Spa seeks the best in the wellness industry. We believe in compensating for a spirit of excellence while offering flexible work schedules! SU allows our clients to "Experience without The Travel"; meaning, we deliver the spa to them! SU requires that members of our team exemplify the highest level of customer service and integrity.


SU goes through strict measures to ensure safe and desirable work environments as well as competitive pay for all contractors. We accomplish this by screening our clients and giving them an overview of spa service guidelines. We provide luxury on-site spa services for upscale hotels, corporate, bridal, spa party/event, and residential women’s wellness clients.


If you are personable, professional, ethical, able to work "on-call", and meet our requirements; apply today!


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